How to help employees live your company values

Company values

Your company values are at the heart of your business.

They help to build your brand and ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page. When employees embody your values and consistently demonstrate them, you’ll reap the benefits of a happy and productive workplace. So, how do you make sure that your values are more than just lip service? And how do you get buy in from your employees? We’ve put together a guide to get you started.

Are your company values genuine?

If you feel like your company values have become lost, then it pays to revisit them before asking your employees to live them. Company values should be more than just a passing thought; employees will sense empty company values and that can have a negative impact on your business. Ask yourself whether your values are still relevant and whether they’re aligned with your mission. Reach out to employees to ask them for feedback and use that as a tool to tweak or overhaul your values.

Make sure they’re visible

Providing employees with a list of your core values isn’t enough. Think about ways you can work those values into the everyday. Perhaps it’s having them up on the walls in your office so they’re front of mind. Or maybe you could create a culture deck (slideshow/ppt) that showcases your values and is easily shared with new and existing employees. No matter how you choose to present them, make sure your values are shared in an easily digestible form with everyone.

Recognise employees living your values

One of the best ways for employees to understand and aspire to your company values is to see others doing that. Reminding employees what those values are and how they can live them is vital to building a culture that truly reflects what your business stands for. One way to do this is to showcase employees that are actioning those values in their work. Whether it’s a staff email recognising individuals embodying your values, or more formal recognition at a staff meeting, this is a fantastic way to get employees engaged.

Ask employees to recognise their colleagues

Implementing a system that allows employees to recognise their colleagues is an effective way to promote your values. It’s worth having an internal system where employees can nominate their peers. This also allows you to capture information on how each employee that’s nominated is demonstrating your company values. If you do choose to do this, make sure that you’re consistently encouraging employees to use it – and that you’re rewarding those nominated.

Use company values when recruiting

Using your values in the recruitment process is essential if you want employees who understand and live your values. For each company value, make sure you have a question that’s relevant. For example, if one of your values is empowering through shared knowledge, then ask the candidate for an example of how they’ve done this throughout their career. Using the language of your values during recruitment will help you choose the right people for your company and provide each candidate with a snapshot of what your company stands for.

A workplace where employees live and breathe the company values requires a solid set of values that are being consistently demonstrated and recognised. Having the tools to engage and get buy in from staff requires thought and strategic planning but it will pay off. Employees who embody your values help to strengthen your brand, increase productivity, and contribute to a happy and healthy workplace culture.


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