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Temping with Eclipse

What is temping?

Temping with Eclipse means being employed by us to work on-site for one of our clients. Temporary assignments encompass a range of durations, spanning from one-day reception roles to more extended projects, available either part-time or full-time.

Employers seek temps for diverse reasons, such as covering staff absences, enhancing productivity during peak periods, assisting with specific projects, or bridging knowledge gaps. Notably, temporary assignments, in some instances, transition into permanent roles.

Temping with Eclipse appeals to those seeking employment flexibility and variety. Whether you’re between permanent roles and aiming to apply your skills across different industries or starting your career and aspiring to broaden your experience for your CV, temping provides exposure to various company cultures and management styles. It allows you the autonomy to choose your work schedule and duration.
At Eclipse, we offer an array of temporary assignments sourced from clients across Auckland.​

What skills do I need to be a temp?

For each assignment, the required skills will vary. A significant portion of our temporary assignments involves office-based roles that necessitate prior office experience. As part of the registration process at Eclipse, we will request you to undergo skill testing to assess your proficiency in certain software.

Above all, being flexible and adaptable is crucial to succeeding as a temp.

Why temp with Eclipse?

We prioritise finding the right ‘fit’. For temp candidates, this involves understanding your situation and assigning you to assignments aligned with your preferences. We maintain consistent communication with our temps, ensuring your care and support before, during, and after your assignments.

How do I become an Eclipse temp?

To find out more about temping with Eclipse or to discuss your suitability for temporary work please email us your CV, then call us on 09 973 1879.