Temping with Eclipse

What is temping?

Temping means you are employed by Eclipse to work on-site for one of our clients. Temporary assignments can vary in length from one day reception roles to longer term project roles and can be either part-time or full-time.

Employers seek temps for a variety of reasons. It may be to cover staff absence, increase productivity during busy times, to help with one off project or to fill a knowledge gap. In some cases, temporary assignments can lead to a permanent role.

Temping is a great option for those who are seeking variety and flexibility with employment. It may be that you are between permanent roles and would like to utilise your skills in a different industry or you are just starting your career and want to gain experience to add to your CV. Temping will expose you to different company cultures and management styles while allowing you the flexibility to choose when you work and for how long.

At Eclipse we can offer a range of temporary assignments from clients throughout Auckland.

What skills do I need to be a temp?

What skills you need will vary for each assignment. Many of our temporary assignments are office-based roles which do require previous office experience. As part of the registration process at Eclipse we will ask you to undertake skill testing to determine your proficiency of certain software.

Most importantly to be a successful temp you need to be flexible and adaptable with a cheerful and positive manner.

Why temp with Eclipse?

At Eclipse our focus is on getting the right ‘fit’. For temp candidates this means understanding your situation and placing you in assignments that match what you are looking for. We keep in regular contact with our temps and ensure you are looked after before, during and after your assignments.

How do I become an Eclipse temp?

To find out more about temping with Eclipse or to discuss your suitability for temporary work please register your interest, upload your CV, then call us on 09 973 1879.