North Shore Recruitment Agencies

Our Values

Eclipse Recruitment was founded on the principles of Honesty and Integrity, Personal Service, Passion, Teamwork, Quality and Excellence.

These values are reflected in how we work with each other, with clients and with candidates. Being a values-led business is important to us and it means that every decision we make is driven by our principles.

Honesty and Integrity

  • We are transparent, open, and respectful
  • We are genuine in our communication, and we do the right thing by our clients, candidates and each other

Personal Service

  • We build strong, long-standing relationships that are professional and mutually beneficial
  • We care about our client and candidate outcomes


  • We are committed to achieving positive results and we have a will to win
  • We celebrate success and have fun
  • We are tenacious, energetic and enthusiastic about our work


  • We collaborate with each other, and we readily share ideas and knowledge
  • We support and encourage each other selflessly
  • We work as a cohesive team to achieve company and personal goals
  • We are respectful, empathetic, and accepting
  • Quality and Excellence
  • We are proud of our brand, what we represent in the market, and the work that we do
  • We hold ourselves accountable to deliver on our commitments, internally and externally