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  • We use the power of relationships, to tap into our networks sourcing candidates quickly and efficiently.  

    This enables us to reach a larger pool of potential hires, including passive candidates who may not be actively searching for jobs.

  • We use the power of resources, to manage the time-consuming and resource-intensive processes. 

    We manage key tasks such as candidate sourcing, screening, visa checks, and initial interviews, giving you back time to focus on other strategic initiatives.

  • We use the power of experience, to evaluate candidates based on specific job requirements. 

    We act as an extension of your brand identifying the most suitable candidates for your role and your company culture.

  • We use the power of knowledge, for in-depth screening. 

    To ensure we present qualified and well-matched candidates. We have interviewed thousands of applicants and can draw from years of experience using valuable screening and interviewing techniques.

  • By using the power of investment, you can harness the years of experience and knowledge Eclipse Recruitment offers.

    Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly for business. We mitigate the risk.

Work From Home Client Survey

Work From Home Client Survey

Eclipse Recruitment conducted a work-from-home client survey. The objective was to delve into the views and policies of a wide range of...