People who fit

We understand that your best people are your greatest asset.

Every business has unique requirements in terms of people who fit. We’ve spent a lot of time establishing what that really means and where we need to focus to ensure we do find that right candidate for your organisation. It is the combination of three elements – your role, industry and culture that we believe are vital.

An employee who fits will enhance your business, contributing to all the subtle elements that go into creating a productive, successful, and positive workplace. When we work with you, we are committed to understanding what ‘fit’ looks like for your business.

People Who Fit the Role

The requirements for each role can differ greatly, and it goes beyond the job description!
If the parameters of the role are more fluid, we can reflect this in our search to identify people who fit the role and who meet the wider needs and objectives of your business. Some of the factors we consider when establishing the role fit for your organisation could include:

  • Is previous experience in a similar role required?
  • What skill set are you looking to bring on board?
  • To what degree are you willing to train for the role?
  • What career progression is on offer in future?

People Who Fit the Industry

We understand that for many employers’ industry specific experience is absolutely vital, while others favour ability and attitude over industry know-how.

Industry related factors might include:

  • Will insight from another industry benefit your business?
  • What type of industry experience would best compliment your team and company?
  • Do your clients expect your people to have in-depth industry knowledge?


As part of our recruitment process, we explore your cultural environment and find out what makes it distinctive.

Workplace culture can be summed up as the personality of your organisation. It includes the common beliefs, values, and attitudes within your business. Culture can also include the behaviour of your people and how they work together, as well as the style and approach of your managers.

Some of the areas we’ll explore with you include:

  • How do your people interact with each other?
  • What is the style of your managers?
  • How do your people communicate and relate with your clients?
  • Do you want someone to fit in with your current culture, or are you seeking someone who is going to challenge the status quo?
  • What attitudes are you seeking?

In establishing your requirements in these three areas, we will also work with you to understand the level of importance of each component, and how they relate to each other.

Eclipse works on a case-by-case basis to assess the right balance for your business. Our approach enables us to present the most suitable people, based on gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements and where your needs are non-negotiable versus where there might be flexibility.

By understanding your business, your people and what you are aiming to achieve, we are well placed to attract, assess, and select people who fit your organisation.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you find people who fit your Role, Industry & culture.