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Giving Back

The team at Eclipse are all animal lovers and we believe in giving back. We know that the bond between pets and people can be incredibly strong. because of this we believe that all pets deserve a good quality of life, treatment, and care. It’s impossible to imagine having to keep your pet away from harm or to leave them behind no matter the circumstances.

Giving back – Pet Refuge

When we met Julie Chapman, Founder of Pet Refuge, the story she told struck a real chord with us. We learnt that 53% of woman in an abusive relationship would delay leaving their partner out of fear for their pets’ safety. With this knowledge Julie set up Pet’s Refuge, a haven for those pets.

The Pet Refuge shelter in Auckland is a purpose-built facility. It provides temporary respite and safety for pets in family violence situations. It is a place where pets are safe until they can be reunited with their owners who are starting new lives in violence-free homes.

We are very proud to be an ongoing supporter of the work that Julie and her team are doing. There is an unending need for Pet Refuge to provide warm safe beds for pets, veterinary healthcare, and transport for a national service. There is also a need to employ qualified carers who can support the wellbeing and rehabilitation needs of the animals they shelter. We encourage you to support Pet Refuge by giving back too.

Pet Refuge - Black

The waitlist for animals needing sanctuary with Pet Refuge is long. If you would also like to support Pet Refuge, you can do so here.

“For many people, pets are family. For victims of domestic violence, they provide real solace. Leaving them behind with an abusive partner just isn’t an option. We hope that if victims know their pets will be well looked after while they escape, it will remove a barrier to them leaving.” – Julie Chapman