The Immigrant Visa Process 2024: Six Tips to Stay Ahead

Immigrant Visa process NZ

For many employers the new year is often a time to think about recruitment needs for the 12 months ahead. If those needs include having to navigate the immigrant visa process, then a bit of extra planning could be useful.

To assist in your immigration planning for 2024, here are the top six tips for businesses, to avoid any last-minute immigration panic.

What to Plan For

Planning and preparation are your two best tools in dealing with the immigration process and this time of the year is the best time to make sure you have that planning and preparation sorted out.
If you anticipate needing to employ Work Visa holders in the next 12 months or have them onboard already and want to keep them, the following things should be on your “to-do list”.

  1. Make sure you keep a track of your Accreditation expiry date and apply to renew this at least six weeks before the deadline. Most employers will need to renew at some stage this year (meaning there will be queues and potential delays).
  2. Ensure your settlement and support information is up to date and your employment agreements and HR policies are compliant before you file your renewal. Remember INZ can inspect any employer at any time.
  3. Check in with any Work Visa holders you have on staff, to ensure that their Visas match their current job duties and that they are also aware of their expiry dates and obligations.
  4. If a staff member has a Visa expiring at some point in 2024, ensure they are allowed enough time to apply again or to change their status. I usually recommend preparing two months in advance.
  5. Some employees will be eligible to apply for Residence at some stage in 2024 and if they believe they are eligible, they should investigate options early.
  6. If you have a new arrival due to start, pair them up with another staff member, who can assist with settling them in to their role but also provide local advice on settling into the country.

Available Advice

Remember that providing immigration advice, beyond that which is publicly available, is an unlawful. If you have staff on board, that need help or are asking tricky questions about their Visa status, refer them on, either to a licensed adviser or someone exempt from licensing.

We offer free “immigration clinics” to employers, where we can come to your premises, meet with your staff, and address questions that they may have. We also offer the same service to employers and HR professionals as well and can keep you up to date on all immigration changes as they occur in 2024.

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Paul JenssenGuest Author
Paul Janssen is the Manager of Turner Hopkins Services, a specialist New Zealand immigration consultancy, based in Takapuna, Auckland. Paul is fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority and has nearly twenty years of industry experience, assisting families, individuals, and businesses to navigate the complexities of the visa system.
Paul and his team work together with their clients, providing realistic and practical advice in a timely and easy to understand manner. Identifying issues at the outset, mapping out the steps involved and managing all aspects of the relocation process.

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