CASE STUDY: Five temps in five days

Why use temporary staff

There are many situations where engaging temporary staff can be beneficial to a business.

Using temporary staff can be a useful strategy for a variety of situations – to cover for sick leave or annual holidays, to fill a gap during periods of recruitment, or to provide extra manpower to get a project across the finish line.


Company A was deeply entrenched in a major project that was running behind schedule. It was identified that the only way they would be able to meet deadlines was to bring in additional staff. Limited resources meant the existing team could not focus solely on the project to ensure its timely delivery. They needed extra support to manage the day-to-day activities.

The challenge

The solution required that anyone brought in would have to hit the ground running, picking up the reigns while other staff diverted their energy into the project.

The Solution

Eclipse Recruitment was recommended through word-of-mouth. After discussing Company A’s needs Eclipse was subsequently tasked with finding five customer service temps for a one-month period. The challenge in this assignment was not about finding customer service skills, but rather finding the right fit. Enthusiasm, patience, initiative, and strong interpersonal competencies were critical.

Eclipse had one week to deliver. Keeping a clear brief in mind, we searched our database and advertised the roles. We spent the week interviewing and talking with candidates, while liaising with the client to keep them informed on progress. Ensuring we had a clear view on Company A’s culture and business meant we were better able to identify the five most relevant people for the role.

The outcome

As a result, Company A welcomed five temporary staff within five days all of which were ideal candidates for the temporary roles. By the end of day one each staff member was able to competently manage their tasks. Finally, the team were there to see the successful and timely completion of the initial project.

Ultimately, what Eclipse was able to achieve for Company A meant that the introduction of a large group of temps went smoothly. Company A didn’t have to worry about rosters or payroll, as these services were all managed by Eclipse, and most importantly the ability to increase resources rapidly saved Company A from the expense of missing deadlines on an extremely important programme of work.

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