Recruiting for a part timer?


Get the structure right and this approach can help you get the talent you want in your business.

Many of our clients choose to structure their teams with a mix of part and full time employees.  Candidates seek part time work for a variety of reasons – from students seeking to top up their income, parents who wish to spend time with their children, or semi-retired people seeking to continue their career and enjoy work/life balance.

Tapping into this candidate pool can certainly bring huge benefit to your business, however it can be something of a minefield structuring a role effectively to ensure you maximise your return.

Areas to consider when structuring a part time role include:

Role content

Getting the mix right here is crucial – ensuring the right balance in terms of the level of responsibility in the role.  Remember pay rates are most often geared towards the most senior or skilled part of the role.

Days of the week & hours of the day

What are your ideal days of the week?  Do you need someone every day?  Do you have set hours of the day that you need someone or can you offer flexibility?

Number of hours

Ensure you’re realistic about the workload and the hours required to get the job done effectively – you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the work output because your employee was rushed,  incurring hidden costs as a result.

Hourly rate

Usually part-time remuneration is based on the full-time equivalent salary for the same type of role. However, if only minimal hours are on offer, the rate can be higher to compromise for this.


Part time roles can potentially provide a good deal of flexibility for both employers and employees, which is one of the things that makes part time attractive.  Usually there are limits to that flexibility, so definitely get both parties’ expectations really clear from the outset.

We work with a wide range of candidates who are seeking part time roles and we can provide great insight into how best to structure your part time opportunity to attract the best possible candidates to your business.  If you’re contemplating creating a part time role in your business, do contact us for an obligation-free discussion about what approach could work best for you.

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