Work place trust and communication builds a business

Colleagues and work place trust

Work place trust is an essential element to business success. When we feel trusted, we’re more likely to give more of ourselves and to feel a sense of loyalty and connectedness.

Trust goes both ways. Employees want to trust that the business owner is doing the right thing by them, and the owner wants to trust that the team are doing the right thing for the business.

Key to building work place trust is clear, consistent, and honest communication, and the sharing of information. No matter what type of business you run, a culture of honesty and transparency is good practice. It can help to boost workplace morale and ensure that everybody is on the same page. Openness helps you to cultivate a thriving and productive culture that encourages teamwork.

Developing open communication, and thereby trust, starts at the top. People ultimately want to be empowered to make smarter decisions. Smarter decisions are made when your teams share knowledge and understand the ‘why’ behind it.

At Eclipse we hold 15-minute stand-up meetings every morning. The team share their successes, any roadblocks they have or support they need, and their focus for the day. As the business owner I share the big the picture, reinforcing the part they all play in the success of the business. This open communication has nurtured collaboration and makes sure we are all moving in the same direction toward the same goal.

This article was originally published in Business North Harbour’s FYI magazine. 
Author: Lisa Hill, Managing Director


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