What to include on your ‘why work for us’ web page

Why work for us

Having a ‘Why work for us’, web page, is one critical piece of content often missing from a company’s website. In a highly competitive market where organisations are fighting to attract workers, both skilled and unskilled, it’s important to provide information on why your company is such a great place to work.

Jobseekers are proactive when looking to change jobs or careers. Part of the process is researching prospective employers. They are looking for companies that align with their own values and ideals. A ‘why work for us’ page makes it easy for them. The information you provide could be the difference between you successfully recruiting the perfect candidate or losing them to a competitor.

1. Tell your story.

Jobseekers who aren’t familiar with your company can be introduced to it on your ‘why work for us’ page. Here they can learn about the story behind the company, where it’s been and where it’s going. If you already have this on another section of your website, simply rework it with the jobseeker in mind keeping it short and engaging. Make sure it’s easily digestible and avoid using industry or company jargon.

2. Showcase your people.

Your people are your biggest asset when it comes to attracting talent. Jobseekers want to know that they’ll be working with good people who are valued by your organisation. What better way to showcase this than by profiling your employees. Talk to your people about what you’re trying to achieve and select one or two employees to profile monthly. This will help keep your content fresh.

3. Talk about your workplace culture and benefits.

What will jobseekers benefit from if they work for your organisation? Do you have an excellent workplace culture that you’re proud of? Are there opportunities for further study or training? Do you have a range of innovative benefits that makes you stand out? Make a list of what you offer and ask your people for input. Remember that jobseekers want to know that beyond the work – there’s a good culture where people feel valued.

4. Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials are key when it comes to attracting talent and can be used to showcase the benefits of working for your business. They provide an honest look at what it’s like to work there, giving potential employees an idea of how they would fit in and what they could expect from any role.


A ‘why work for us’ page is necessary if you want to attract the best talent. It gives potential employees an understanding of your company culture and values. This page is the perfect way to show off the people who work at your company, their skills, and personalities, as well as what makes them excited about their job. It also allows you to appeal to potential employees by highlighting the unique benefits of joining your team.

So, if you want to make sure that you have a strong pool of candidates applying for jobs at your company, then having a ‘why work for us’ page is essential!

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