CASE STUDY: How to recruit at pace during a period of rapid growth

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In today’s competitive business landscape, the ability to recruit top talent swiftly and effectively is a game-changer for organisations aiming to stay ahead of the curve. This case study shows the challenges faced by Business A who at a time of rapid growth needed to recruit at pace.


Business A was experiencing a major growth trajectory and urgently needed to create at pace to keep up with customer demand. It was not a case of securing people in temporary roles but to get a permanent staff member onboard without delay.

Business A. needed

  • Fast access to viable candidates who would fit in with the culture and the business.
  • A recruitment agency who could recruit at pace – the ability to manage the process with speed and haste.
  • A recruitment agency who would not only present qualified external candidates but also assess potential internal candidates as well.

Eclipse Recruitment provided

  • Immediate access to a pool of highly suitable candidates
  • Independent candidate selection process
  • Impartiality in interviewing internal and external candidates
  • Ability to present candidates for customer interviews within four days of being contacted.


  • 3 external and 1 internal candidate put forward for final interviews.
  • The process took only three weeks to select, review, interview and offer the position.
  • The position, and ultimately promotion, went to the internal candidate.
  • Impartiality was essential as the successful applicant was a previous placement by Eclipse Recruitment.


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20 – 50

We are so pleased we reached out to Eclipse Recruitment. They were able to expedite the recruitment process faster than we ever could, and the pool of candidates were exceptional. Although we went with an internal employee the other candidates were all highly qualified options. Huge thanks to Eclipse.



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