Women in Business: Interview with Leanne and Renate


By Anna van den Berg, Recruitment Administrator and Communications Assistant

Last month, the Eclipse team were among those who had the privilege of attending the North Harbour Business Women in Business event with keynote speaker, Paula Bennett. After the event, I caught up with Leanne Wallace, senior consultant at Eclipse Recruitment, and Renate Molloy from Hick Bros Civil Construction about what they learned.

What exactly is the Women in Business event, and what is Eclipse’s involvement with it?

Leanne: Women in Business provides a fantastic opportunity to hear from inspirational female leaders in the wider business community. Unlike other business events, we have a female flavor and listen to speakers while indulging in a gorgeous high-tea.  The networking feels more like having a cuppa with your girlfriends – sometimes it’s hard to leave to go back to work!

Eclipse has been sponsoring the Women in Business Event for several years now and I am proud that we sponsor such a well-run event with high caliber speakers.

Why do you think it is important for us to have events supporting women in business?

Leanne: I have been in recruitment and sales for a really long time *laughs*.  I have attended numerous networking events over the years and the Women in Business event is by far my favourite – and not just because we sponsor it.  Aside from the fantastic speakers, it is great to hear from women in business who are sitting in the seat next to you.  The North Harbour Community has many  amazing women leaders and, as we know, women love to share information and support one another and that’s what is great about this event.

Renate: Being a working wife and mother is hard! Women have to constantly juggle these tasks, no matter how old your children are or how big your household is. Women’s events can make us feel that it’s OK to not be superhuman, to have a laugh at everyday issues that can usually appear challenging, and to realise that we are actually pretty awesome.  I can get very caught up with the ‘to do list’ and I can take life a bit too seriously, I found the event very refreshing.

What were some of the highlights of the event for you? Anything that Paula said that might have resonated with you?

Leanne: It is the second time I have attended an event where Paula was the key-note speaker. Whether you support  Paula’s political views or not, I would highly recommend attending her next speaking engagement. She is very down-to-earth and real, and has an incredible story to tell.  I did say to Lisa after the event that I think my next career move might be into politics!

Renate: I thought she was fantastic – so honest and down-to-earth as Leanne said, while being incredibly strong and talented.  She appears very comfortable with who she is. The one comment that Paula made that stuck with me the most is ‘I live out of a clothes hamper, I have come to accept that I will never have time to hang my clothes up’.  Paula’s comment made me realise that some things just don’t matter, it’s not the end of the world and we need to keep our focus on what really matters most to us.


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