What to wear to work in summer

Interview with a woman

Warmer days are here again and navigating workwear to suit soaring temperatures while also maintaining a professional appearance can be a bit tricky.

Knowing what to wear can make all the difference between looking and feeling good or coming across as not quite appropriate for the workplace.
In Summer (in fact in most seasons) it’s wise to opt for light and breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. These fabrics not only feel good on your skin but the properties of the natural fibres will ensure you stay cool in the heat.

For women

For women, a cotton shirtdress is often touted as a wardrobe staple – it has great versatility in that it can be worn casually off duty with a pair of wedges or espadrilles or dressed up with block heels for a day at work, and then layered under a vest or over trousers in the cooler months.

For men

For men, a well-cut cotton or linen shirt is always going to be a winner. Pay attention to the fit at your shoulders to get that well-dressed look, if you love a print then go for something suiting the season like a floral or for the traditionalists classic plaid is an easy go-to.
In terms of silhouettes and shapes to look out for, culottes and wide legged trousers are great for women and enable you to move about with ease, as there is nothing worse than having your clothes cling to you in humid weather. Roomy trousers can also work well for men too and if your work is fine with shorts then definitely go for it as they’re a great way to keep cool. Make sure they’re not too short and if you’re wanting them to look professional then choose a pair that has some tailoring.
For those crisp mornings and evenings or for an air-conditioned environment a lightweight cover up would be a good idea. Consider a sleeveless vest as it’s a piece that could be worn in a multitude of ways – on its own with trousers, with a pleated skirt perhaps, or unbuttoned and over a dress. A cardigan is another great piece to add to your workwear wardrobe, and perfect for keeping your arms warm if the air-con is a bit chilly.
Dressing for summer is easy if you wear breathable fabrics, make sure you’re comfortable and have light layers you can take on or off as needed.

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