What makes a great workplace?

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We were delighted to exhibit at the recent Business North Harbour Business Expo where we enjoyed meeting and getting to know Expo attendees and fellow exhibitors alike.

During the course of the day we surveyed the visitors to our stand and asked them to vote on what qualities they believe make a great workplace.   We provided six options for voters to consider; based on our experience around what our many candidates tell us during interviews when we ask them what is important about their next workplace.

Options included:  A Great Team Environment & Company Culture, Excellent Leadership & Effective Management Style, Recognition, Rewards & Incentives, Opportunities for Career Growth & Development, Work/Home Life Balance & Flexibility, Innovation & Cutting-Edge Technology.


We were thrilled with how this survey resonated with people and opened up some wonderful conversations about what is important to them and why.

The results are in, and it was fabulous to see that a Great Team Environment & Company Culture together with Home/Work Life Balance and Flexibility came out on top, scoring an equal percentage of the vote. Manager Recruitment and Client Relationships, Leanne Wallace, explains that these are the criteria most candidates talk about being of value when discussing their career. A great team environment and company culture definitely has a big impact on the overall happiness and productivity of the team and each individual. That doesn’t mean you have to have ping pong tables and electric scooters in your office! It’s about a positive working environment with aligned values between the company and the individuals.

Home/Work Life Balance is becoming much more of a focus, and with technology advances it is much more attainable now. People are seeking the opportunity to work from home when caring for sick children or pets, or starting and finishing early a couple of days a week so they can do a gym class, ride their horse or walk the dog!  Life is full and more organisations are recognising the need to implement better work/home life balance opportunities to attract top talent.

Managing Director, Lisa Hill, was pleased to see that Excellent Leadership & Effective Management Style came in the top three in the survey.  When discussing the survey, many voters mentioned that great leadership was important to them, where they understood the company direction, felt empowered and trusted in their roles, and felt valued for their contribution to their employer.

It was interesting to note that Rewards, Recognition & Incentives scored fifth out of six categories with only 10% of the vote.  This may indicate, for show attendees at least, that the interpersonal elements of a workplace can have a bigger impact on someone’s experience at work than personal reward.

As recruiters, information like this is incredibly valuable to us. It is our passion to match people’s values and goals with employers and roles that offer them exactly what they are seeking. Beyond skills and experience, it is important that a candidate?s priorities align with the nature of the role and business we place them in so that we help to create a positive outcome for both parties.

To find out more detail about what quality candidates are seeking from their employer, or to discuss how we can assist with your recruitment, please contact the team at Eclipse – we’d love to connect.


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