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Six tips to overcome imposter syndrome

Have you ever worked hard for something only to feel like a fraud when you achieve it? Maybe you have put a lot of effort in to gain a promotion and now you’re second guessing yourself? Or you have realised your biggest career ambition only to question whether you’re worthy? If any of these scenarios…

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Imposter syndrome

QuarterlyFIT January 2022

Top of mind for many will be how to ensure your business is well placed to succeed in 2022 and beyond. A key part of that will be the strategy you have around your people. With that thought we start our first newsletter for the year with the article, Secrets of a Successful Performance Review.

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The secret to successful performance reviews

Employers should look at the purpose of performance reviews as a process that helps to improve the company. By assessing an employee’s performance, you can learn more about the value they bring to the business, their strengths, and weaknesses, and whether their goals are aligned with the organisation’s objectives. Understanding this can improve communication, collaboration,…

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Performance review meeting

Prepping for your performance review – six steps to success

Love them or loathe them, for most of us the annual performance review is a part of our working lives. For employers, it’s a way to assess your performance, check that you’re on target to meet your key performance indicators, and to ensure you’re working in a way that aligns with company goals and values….

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Performance review at work