Eclipse sponsors Business North Harbour PM Bill English event!

Eclipse has been a sponsor of Business North Harbour for three years now, and recently we were proud to sponsor an event where the business community heard from our Prime Minister Bill English on topics ranging from the economy, managing growth in New Zealand and housing.

It was fantastic to hear what Bill English had to say. While he covered many areas, the things that resonated with me, and which made me think about how that applied to our clients included:

The importance of personal relationships

PM Bill English spoke about how New Zealand’s relationship with China, regardless of the politics and policies, is heavily based around relationships. In an ever-changing digital world, it is relationships that will make the difference, and its people who make your business a success.

New Zealand is well placed for further growth

We have had six years of growth and the Prime Minister’s outlook is that there is another three to four years of growth to come, and potentially more. This is very encouraging for business, and leads to the question of whether you are positioned to capitalise on this growth. Do you have the right people in the right roles to make the most of a growing economy?

Changing the way we think

The Prime Minister gave two examples of how the Government is trying to change the way it thinks, especially around bringing business principals to the Government. One was to treat every dollar with the same respect a family would if it was their own money, and the second was about working with ‘customers’, rather than institutions. Always challenging your thinking and learning from others is as important as ever.

Confidence in New Zealand’s business owners

We are a nation of SMEs, and Prime Minister Bill English spoke highly of the competence of New Zealand businesses. As business owners and managers, having the right people around you is essential to business success. At Eclipse, we understand that people are your greatest asset.

Amongst PM Bill English’s speech on the economy, infrastructure and government spend, there was also some light hearted commentary and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We are thrilled to be able to give back to our business community through events such as this.

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