20 years in recruitment

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A note from Lisa Hill, Managing Director

April 2020 marked my having been in the recruitment industry for 20 years.

It’s remarkable to think that it was all the way back in late April 2000 when I first joined the industry. It involved a leap of faith (and a big salary drop!) to embrace a new career that was thrilling, enormously challenging and a little bit scary; all at the same time! What I quickly discovered was a strong passion for recruitment that lasts to this day.

As a recruiter, I loved the thrill of forging relationships with clients, finding them amazing people for their businesses, and the delight and sense of achievement in helping candidates and seeing them achieve their career goals.

I’d never seen myself as a sales person, and yet here I was, developing and managing a hybrid temp and perm desk in business support recruitment. I learned so much in those first four years, moving from consultant to a team manager role over that time.

Fast forward to 2004. With four years under my belt in the industry, and a thirst for a new challenge, I decided to enter the world of business ownership. Having launched Eclipse Recruitment in 2004, the last 16 years have been an absolutely amazing journey.

There has certainly never been a dull moment over the years. Managing and growing the business, gaining team and business management experience, navigating technology advances, changes across our industry as well as surviving through and thriving after the GFC have all brought unique challenges.

To be celebrating this milestone from home, during the Covid-19 Level 3 lockdown is testament to just how unpredictable and challenging the world of business ownership, and particularly the world of recruitment, can be.

On a personal level, there’s really no such thing as work/life balance as a business owner – your work IS your life. There have been some sacrifices along the way, and many lifetime milestones all woven into my world of Eclipse, and of course there have been tremendous rewards along the way as well.

I’ve often described business ownership as like being on a roller-coaster – the ups and downs, the thrills and excitement – and stomach-dropping moments! What I have learned over the years is just how significant the people are who ride the roller-coaster with you. I have also learned so much about business success and challenges, the importance of maintaining your values, regardless of what is happening around you, and of building long-term relationships.

There are many people to thank for their support. In the great times and the less great times (I’m talking about you, GFC!), I have been fortunate and grateful to be surrounded by loyal and supportive people. To my current team – what can I say – we are in unprecedented times and you have all been incredible in your energy and enthusiasm over this time. Leanne, I truly appreciate your loyalty, your ideas, your unwavering belief in the business and your humour, thank you.

To my husband Stephen for offering innovative ideas and unparalleled encouragement and for listening to me talk incessantly about all things recruitment for the last 20 years–, a very special thank you.

Here’s to the upcoming 20 years – I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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