The five benefits of staff training and professional development

Training staff

If the most valuable asset in your business is your people, then it makes sense to invest in their training and professional development.

Whilst training often refers to a specific set of skills needed to carry out a job, professional development is quite different. To make sure you’re getting the best out of your people, you need to provide opportunities that allow them to keep on learning and developing as professionals. Here’s five key reasons why.

1. Retain your employees

By making sure each person has the right training for their job, you’re showing that your employees’ matter. Whether it’s a specific skill or an opportunity to expand and build upon knowledge through professional courses, your people are more likely to feel satisfied with their job if they can continue learning.

2. Succession planning

Perhaps you have employees who want to change direction within the business. Or maybe you’ve noticed specific employees who show promise. Part of offering good training and development opportunities is talking to your people about their vision for the future. It also means you can identify potential leaders, and work with them to support their journey, and build them into your succession plan.

3. Increased employee engagement

How engaged are your employees with your business? And how do you increase that engagement? Training and development can change the perspective of even the most disconnected employees and improve their engagement with the business. Employees who get the chance to expand and add to their knowledge often find themselves re-engaging with their jobs and the business they work for. Whether it’s a new set of skills or a greater awareness of how the business works, they’re more likely to feel connected to the business and its purpose.

4. Increased productivity

When people feel happy about going to work, they’re more productive. It follows then that businesses that consistently invest in their employees through training and development are more likely to have high levels of productivity. We know that every relationship needs to be fostered for it to thrive – and the workplace is no different. Businesses who invest in their employees are more likely to have a motivated workforce who achieve more.

5. Relationship building

Employees that learn together often develop a bond and support systems that benefit both the business and company culture. When your people can learn together, they’ll develop strong relationships with their peers, and they’ll also learn from each other. In the workplace, good relationships between employees can positively impact productivity and wellbeing.

Investing in your employees via training and professional development is good for your business and your company culture. Offering opportunities that make people feel valued will help your people with their jobs and increase engagement. Whether you’re a small business or a larger business with in-house training programmes, a little goes a long way. By taking in interest in the career development of each person, you’ll benefit from increased productivity and a workplace where people have a greater sense of wellbeing.

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