Recruitment market commentary – July 2017

We are often asked – what’s the recruitment market like right now?

It is often so varied that it can be difficult to provide a succinct summary!

While the job and employment statistics tell a positive picture for the economy, often candidate availability varies across industries, specialisations and levels of experience required. It’s at times when the economy is ‘booming’ that it can be the most difficult to recruit the right people.

Past experience

One trend that is common across the board is that mid to lower tier candidates are in high demand. What this means for employers is that these candidates are looking for a higher salary, significant career progression or another strong enticement before they change roles. There is no urgency on their part to move, and the best candidates are receiving multiple job offers, therefore pushing their salary expectations up. Having a strategy in place to secure top candidates at this level is something Eclipse can help you with.

When it comes to senior candidate availability, how easily you will find the right candidate can be determined by how defined your brief is. When the parameters are wider there are some fantastic candidates available at the senior level. For example, if you are prepared to take on someone who has undertaken a similar role but doesn’t have industry experience, you will have access to some strong candidates who are excited to take on a new challenge. However, if you are looking for someone quite specific, the situation quickly changes, and it can take longer to find the right match.

Role types

There are certain role types and attributes that are always in demand – such as sales people who can build relationships and close deals; customer service people who are not only great on computers but also great with people; or marketers who can create content as well as deliver that content both traditionally and digitally.

It’s hard to say at this time that there are any role types that Eclipse recruits for that aren’t in high demand! While there are plenty of candidates, it’s about matching them to the right role, industry and culture that provides the challenge. That is a challenge we love and strive to get right for our clients.

If you have any roles in mind, it pays to start planning your recruitment strategy as early as possible. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your future plans so that together, we can work on a strategy to secure you the best people.

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